Do your bit to make the dream of Sustainable Weaver Communities a reality

One determined man led the salt march that set the ball rolling for a civil disobedience movement in India, sowing the seeds of her independence
—Mahatma Gandhi

The Power of One

We, at Khadi Reclaim, believe that everyone is a change maker; and every thoughtful act is a seed holding within itself the potential to bring about a wave of positive impact like the expanse of anoak tree.

Global movements and epic stories come from intentions we hold in our hearts. Khadi Reclaimoffersyou theopportunity to do your bit, from wherever you are located across the globe, towardsempowering the weaver community.

Towards this, we want you to come forwardandvolunteeryour time, skills and/or services in your area of interestfrom the activities listed below.

  • Communication : Creative writing, Photography, Films

  • Technology

  • Fashion Design

  • Social Media

  • Finance

  • Textile Design

  • CSR Representatives

  • Project Management




If you have the inclination to do something for the greater good of humankind, thenjust fill in your contact information in the fields below and specify your area of interest, and we will contact you soon.

Become a volunteer

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