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To translate our pride for the home-spun khadi and its makers into tangible efforts to build a nurturing ecosystem— one that fosters our vision of creating sustainable livelihoods for our weavers and building self sustaining weaving community clusters across the country. In the wake of the new challenges thrown forward by Covid-19, we are intensifying our efforts to ensure these skilled craftsmen don’t fall back into the cycle of poverty.


Towards this, our first step is to create a positive demand cycle by ensuring each one of us pledge to purchase just one khadi garment, thereby stirring demand for up to 5 lakh metres of khadi being woven!

This noble initiative will ensure the weavers continue to weave and earn their square meal with dignity, while the supporters/customers derive joy from wearing hand-spun, breathable fabrics that have provided weavers a respectable and sustained livelihood. This win-win situation for all is what we have set out to accomplish.

How, you ask?

By creating a positive demand cycle.

Many people taking the single step of pledging just one item of khadi garment, can stir the demand for up to 5 lac meters of khadi being woven! And as the weavers continue to weave, they also continue to earn their 2 square meals of dignity. This good looking, breathable fabric is guilty of carrying the ‘elitist’ tag— for the hand spinning and weaving, render it a labor of love and time. But it is worth the wait, it can be everyday wear and win its rightful place in your heart with its practicality.

This ‘win-win’ for all is what we have set out to accomplish

Weaving the vision together

Leveraging of our close associations with diverse khadi cooperatives functioning under the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), extends our outreach to over 5,000 weaver households. For the uninitiated, for a cooperative unit to be KVIC certified is the quality mark of assurance for Khadi lovers— the fabric produced will meet not just the desired standards of quality in every stitch, but also offer transparency. Each Khadi cooperatives we associate with have their own cluster of weavers on board. When a cooperative does a direct to bank transfer to the selected weavers working on your order, you will be able to see not just the face behind the warp & weft of your beautiful khadi piece, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing the person whose kitchen fire you kept going. This organized and transparent process allows you an irrepressible sense of fulfillment! The plan is to directly impact and empower up to 50 village clusters (which translates into 5,000 weavers!) through this initiative.

Covid19 is a challenging situation socially, economically and individualistically. With #PledgeKhadiEmpowerWeaver initiative we aim to bring you directly in contact with the weaver; We believe you could be the backbone of creating this self reliant weaver communities across India

-Ashwini H Pable

This unprecedented pandemic has impacted every aspect of life as we know it. But the challenges it has conjured for daily wage workers requires urgent and immediate action; We believe your one timely action will go a long way in creating sustainable livelihoods

-Sandip Pable


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