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Rentiyo, a locally sourced, sustainable brand of Comfort and Good Energy clothing. Made from 100% natural material, hand spun and hand woven by weavers from different parts of India, with love and pride.

love and pride

The 3-Pillars of our Business Model

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Spread good energy and nurture Planet Earth

“The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world ... second only to oil.” The manufacturing process not only consumes gallons of water and energy resources but also releases many harmful chemicals and volatile agents into the atmosphere. The negative energy thus released harms our health and the environment.

Rentiyo is committed to the cause of conserving both water and energy and using only non toxic material.

Use 100% natural material

Our products are made from 100% natural material, which minimises the adverse impact on the environment. In fact, no synthetic material or polymers is used during production.

Even buttons and other accessories used in Rentiyo products are made from green material.

natural material
Empower communities

Empower communities

Our objective is to uplift the weaver and craft communities in rural areas by giving them regular orders for products, thereby enabling them to earn a sustained livelihood respectably and stay connected with their traditions and roots.

Our Process – Focused on lowering the Carbon Footprint

Do you know that about 3,000 litres of water is required to produce a single T-shirt? The Khadi process, on the other hand, uses only 300 litres per garment.

Our supply chain is spread across India. The hand spinning and hand weaving process requires minimal electrical consumption in comparison to other industries.

Designing, stitching and finishing touches on fabrics are given at our workshop in Mumbai. This process significantly cuts down logistics and transportation costs of procuring finished products from multiple locations.

And, above all…

With sustainability as our undergird, we want to feel joy and pride in everything we do for all our stakeholders – weavers, crafts persons, garment-makers, employees, partners and, most of all, our customers for whom we joyfully create.

Creating with joy and enjoying every step of the journey, from procuring raw material to the finished products, is why Reclaim Khadi really exists – the good energy community making clothes that have a good vibe.

Our Process

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